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Food Traceability: Differentiate Your Brand

Beyond just an outstanding and memorable logo, good branding increases the value of an organization, provides direction and motivation to employees and facilitates the easier acquisition of new customers. Brands gain strength from the relationships they build with consumers.  And today’s consumers value brands that are more transparent.

Transparent branding not only helps to promote trust but also enhance relationships with consumers.

A major concern today is opaqueness in the movement of products from companies to customers as a result of the broken supply chain. Inaccurate supply chain system and lack of technological framework mean privacy and transparency required to ensure product quality and its origin is lacking.


Vottun creates trust within the value chain, and a single source of truth.

Vottun Blockchain Technology Builds Trust

Vottun allows brands to leverage Blockchain to assure consumers about the quality of their products. With our technology brands can provide a great level of transparency in how products have been originated and highlight important product information for consumers. Vottun protocol offers full traceability functionalities that track the movement of product through the entire supply chain.

Consumers can use the Vottun app to scan products and find the full history of the product such as:

  • Who created the original product?
  • Where was the product manufactured?
  • Which path has the product taken to get to the retail outlet?

This information is increasingly becoming a critical differentiator for brands.

Vottun helps brands by improving their relationship with consumers.  But Vottun also allows brands to grow their top and bottom line as well.  Many supply chain processes are fraught with numerous challenges such a fraud, risk, unmanaged cost, and inability to verify material movement with stakeholders in the supply chain.

Vottun helps to minimize cost and risks allowing organizations to increase their profitability by ensuring full record movement of product throughout the entire supply chain. The product origination and movement are immediately recorded on the Blockchain creating immutable records, trust within the value chain, and a single source of truth.


If you are interested in differentiating your brands and wish to find out if Blockchain is the right technology for your particular use-case, contact us so we can help you arrive at a meaningful business concept.