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Marketing Cases: Differentiate Your Brand

Brands gain strength from the relationships they build with consumers.  Social Media is one way that brands try to manage and improve their image and relationship with consumers.  It’s a way for them to have personalized connections to their audience and to especially show their audience how and why they lead in their particular industry.

A large concern lately however has been about privacy, transparency, and even quality of product based on product origination.  Consumers tend to value brands more that are transparent.  This helps to foster trust with the brand which helps to improve consumers relationship with these trusted brands.


Vottun creates trust within the value chain, and a single source of truth.

Vottun Blockchain Technology Builds Trust

Vottun allows brands to use the blockchain to assure consumers about the quality of their products. With our technology brands can provide a great level of transparency in how products have been originated and highlight important product information for consumers. Vottun also include full traceability functionalities that track the movement of product through the entire supply chain.  This level of immediate transparence of any product give consumers confidence and trust in product owned by brands that use Vottun.

Consumers are able to use the Vottun app to scan products and find the full history of the product.  This includes who created the original product, where it was manufactured, which path did the product take to get to the retail outlet.  This information is becoming more and more important and a critical differentiator for brands.

More conscious consumers, especially that are interested in locally grown or locally built products, will find this attractive.  To make their final purchasing decision these consumers will research the product while standing in the store, supermarket, Walmart to verify that the product meets their ethical or personal standards.  Brands cannot afford to pass up this opportunity to become good partners with their customers in educating them of the value and quality of their product.

Vottun helps brands by improving their relationship with consumers.  But Vottun also help brands with improving the top line and bottom line as well.  Many supply chain processes include fraud, risk, unmanaged cost, and the inability to verify material movement with partners in the supply chain.  Vottun helps to reduce cost, reduce risk, increase profitability by providing a platform the fully record movement of product throughout the entire supply chain, creating greater value for the different participants in this networks.  The product origination and movement is immediately recorded on the blockchain creating immutable records, trust within the value chain, and a single source of truth.


If you are interested in marketing opportunities brought by our customer tools, and would like to explore if blockchain is the right technology for your particular use-case, we recommend you to contact us so we can help you arrive at a meaningful business concept.