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Why Choose Us – template

Vottun is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem that lets institutions issue certificates; recipients manage their certificates, verifiers (consumers, employers, partners) verify the authenticity of the certificate or product. Our platform provides comprehensive full spectrum services to the entire certificate value chain. Vottun leverages the power of blockchain technology to provide 100 percent trusted authentication of certificates.


Vottun, the Blockchain Certificates Platform

Why Blockchain?

Since the emergence of blockchain technology following the creation of bitcoin in 2008/2009, it has become apparent that the revolutionary technology held immense potential. The blockchain, the first ever successful implementation of the distributed ledger framework can be used to secure and issue any asset on a trusted network. This also means that almost any conceivable asset can be tokenized. With data strings, a few bytes long, the trouble associated with the cost of trust can be eliminated by a robust functioning blockchain network.

Vottun is hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain which guarantees 100 percent authenticity and security for all digital certificates stored and issued via the platform. The use of smart contract protocols adds credibility to certificate authentication process. Smart Contracts are self-performing contracts that do not require any human intervention to enable its executions. Parameters are programmed into the algorithms that make up the smart contract. When these parameters are met, different milestones of the smart contract are executed leading up to the final execution phase.

Benefits of Issuing Digital Certificates on the Blockchain

Digital certificates might seem like a technological upgrade to paper certificates; however, they create the possibility of elaborate forgeries. These days, it has become common for companies and higher institutions to request for digital copies of certificates from candidates. The advent of sophisticated means of telecommunications means that it is no longer necessary to mail photocopies of certificates via the post office.

Issuing digital certificates on a blockchain create a plethora of advantages that solve many of the nagging issues in the certificate issuing and authenticating arena. The following are some of the critical benefits of issuing digital certificates on the blockchain.

  • Immune to Forgery

Blockchains are immutable, meaning that the data stored on them cannot be manipulated or altered. Digital certificates can be forged using many online and software programs. However, certificate forgery would be impossible to accomplish on a blockchain. Blockchain records are permanent and unalterable.

  • Robust Security

The blockchain is more than just a fancy database; it is a secure network that is tamper-proof. Digital certificate repositories constitute a single-point failure system which is prone to hacking. Even with multi-tiered backup protocols, these systems can still fail, leading to unwanted consequences. When this happens, it becomes impossible to access the digital certificates.

By using a blockchain, digital certificates are kept safe. Hacking a blockchain network requires an immense amount of computing power that makes it practically impossible.

  • Reduced Cost

Present day certificate authentication processes are cost-intensive. Usually, corporations have to employ third-party validators to check the authenticity of a certificate. By using a blockchain network architecture, certificate validation is performed by the network, on-chain, removing the need for third-party intermediaries. Blockchain transactions are designed to several times cheaper than their non-blockchain counterparts.

Key Benefits of the Vottun Platform

The Vottun platform allows easy verification of certificates. Higher institutions, government agencies, and even businesses can certify and publish their certificates on the blockchain. A vast network of nodes will be responsible for providing verification of these certificates. With the Vottun project in place, universities will no longer have to worry about fraudulent individuals forging their certificates. Degree holders will also have full confidence in the weight and power of the certificates that they have spent years to acquire.

Some of the benefits of the Vottun platform include:

  • Permanent Storage of Certificates

Digital certificates will be stored on the Ethereum network, an immutable blockchain with robust security features. The Vottun platform delivers quality assurance and 100 percent authenticity across the certificate verification value-chain.

  • Premium User Experience

Vottun combines functionality and aesthetics to provide a platform that is both easy on the eye and efficient. Vottun is a SaaS which makes it suitable for a whole host of use cases. Companies, government agencies and schools do not have to worry about designing their own legacy blockchain-based certificate authentication protocols. The Vottun DApp on both web and mobile is an amalgam of sleek design and premium programming that delivers a superior user experience.

  • MOOC and Social Media Integration

Vottun is designed to be compatible with popular Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms like Coursera, Udacity, and Udemy. With the rising cost of tertiary education, many candidates are opting to attend online colleges in pursuit of higher education. Also, the emergence of niche careers in the job market that aren’t adequately covered by most school syllabi makes these online learning platforms more attractive.

Social media has become an integral part of the corporate environment. Employers are in the habit of visiting a candidate’s LinkedIn account to appraise their skills and expertise. Vottun is also designed to seamlessly integrate with social media platforms, giving users the ability to display their certificates on these sites.

  • Compliance with Privacy Laws

Recent scandals involving some social media platforms has put privacy concerns at the forefront of general social consciousness. Now more than ever, regulatory agencies are increasing their scrutiny of information gathering and storage platforms to see how they comply with privacy laws and user data regulations. To this end, Vottun is designed with compliance to the strictest privacy laws in mind. The Vottun platform is GDPR compliant.