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Vottun digital credentials provide the assurance to make education certification trustworthy, transparent and paperless.


How will be benefited using Digital Credentials issued in the Blockchain

Most paper and current digital credentials and professional certifications have significant disadvantages:
Credentials and Professional Certifications suffer from similar problems than educational diplomas, most of them are still paper-based systems, expensive to maintain and easy to forge.

Even the ones that are hard to forge, no credential or professional certification is immune from the risk of forgery. In fact to fake a credential is very easy today, you can just order a fake credential in one of the multiple companies that offer on the internet good copies of almost any imaginable credential and professional certification.

In order to guarantee authenticity, the issuer is obliged to retain a central register of issued certificates that may be used to verify certificate authenticity. These certificate registries are single points of failure: while the certificates may remain valid, the ability to verify them is lost.  Also,  keeping such a register of claims, and answering queries as to the validity of certificates is a manual process, which requires significant human resources.

With Digital Certificates, without the use of digital signatures they are extremely easy to forge; where digital signatures are used, these require the involvement of third-party certificate providers to guarantee the integrity of the transaction – these third parties have significant control over every aspect of the certification and verification process, which can be abused; in many countries, there is no universally-used open standard for digital signatures, leading to certificates that can only be verified within the context of specific software ecosystems; it is easier to destroy electronic records – keeping them safe requires sophisticated, multi-tier backup systems which are prone to failure; should the registry fail, the certificates themselves become worthless since unlike paper certificates, they hold no intrinsic value without the registry; registries of digital certificates are prone to large-scale data-leaks.

Find Vottun Blockchain Digital Credentials Solutions

Vottun digital credential solutions can be used to accelerate the end of credentials and professional certifications paper-based systems. With our platform any kinds of credentials and professional certifications, can be permanently and reliably secured using blockchain technology.

Companies can have a “single point of truth” system to verify their credentials and limit liabilities related with the forgery or misuse. It also allows expanding a more secure digital use of the credentials with improved user experience than current digital signatures solutions. More advanced blockchain implementations could also be used to automate the award, recognition and transfer of credentials and professional certifications through smart contracts.

Digital Credentials can be issued and managed through smart contracts

Companies that relies on third party workers can limit their liability exposure controlling digital credentials and professional acreditations in the blockchain