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Foodstuff’s journey from farm to table usually comprises many transactions between different organizations and people. The ability to track and trace foodstuffs’ journey is necessary to ensure that the food consumed is not only safe and fresh but is also regulatory-compliant, and wastage are minimized.

Today’s conventional supply chain systems don’t guarantee food safety, freshness and regulatory compliance. Fueled by inaccurate supply chain management and lack of a technological framework that can differentiate fakes from genuine foodstuffs, trade in counterfeit foods has become a flourishing venture.

What if we could simplify the supply chain process, enabling transactions to be shared transparently, securely and efficiently among every stakeholder in the supply chain?


Vottun uses Blockchain to create unparalleled accountability and visibility in the food supply chain. Vottun is the only platform of its kind, linking food growers, food processors, food distributors, and retailers via an immutable, permission, and shared ledger.


With a simple QR scan, consumers can know without a doubt certified origin and history of the food product


Together, we are enhancing food for all.

With a simple QR scan, consumers can establish without doubt a certified origin and history of the foodstuff. This means that:

  • Food safety is guaranteed: Vottun securely traces foodstuffs in seconds—not days or weeks—to mitigate cross-contamination, the spread of food-related illness, and unnecessary wastages.
  • Food freshness is guaranteed: stakeholders gain unparalleled transparency into supply chain data to enhance food freshness, increase its shelf life and minimize losses.
  • Food wastages are minimized: Vottun maximizes food shelf life by optimizing the supply chain and providing quick responses about food recalls.

Vottun creates a framework for secure product origin and history with full traceability features. Our platform bridges the gap between consumer quality requirements and producer market acceptance. We create value for all participants in the food value chain. With permanent Blockchain records, Vottun provides a framework for trusted food product certification.


If you are in the food industry or you have customers in the food industry and would like to explore if Blockchain is the right technology for your particular use-case, contact us so we can help you get started.