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Blockchain technology in food industry will be a revolutionary step. All of the important information about the production cycle of a food product can be easily stored in a blockchain transaction with Vottun smart contracts. Consumers at any store or outlet can easily verify the product origin and history from their mobile device with Vottun.


From the origin to the point of sale, a food product passes through many stages. Knowing the full history of a product is something that many consumers would value.

Many consumers want to know product origin and history information at their fingertips in order to make an informed decision. Some consumers genuinely want to know whether the producers of a food product use ethical standards in their productions and with their labor force. Others would like to know if the products are sustainable, eco-friendly, or coming from trade-fair practices.

The different location where a product has been produced and processed through its production cycle contains many of this relevant information. Current non-blockchain practices do not make this information immediately available and accessible to consumers. Production history data is useful and valuable to consumers when it is immediately available upon request and is transparent and trustworthy.


Blockchain technology holds the key to creating a viable product verification matrix if appropriately implemented. Our blockchain food traceability solution is leveraging the power of distributed ledger technology and smart contract to provide a blockchain-based product certification service. Our solution, based on a tamper-proof blockchain, ensures to offer efficient and cost-effective verification of products with which customers are to ascertain the origin and authenticity of a food product quickly.


With a simple QR scan, consumers can know without a doubt certified origin and history of the food product


By incorporating origin and history information in the food traceability certification process, the value of the food product will be beyond dispute.

Consumer culture is continuously evolving, and there is an increase in the desire of consumers to purchase products that conform to their own ethical standards. With the data in the blockchain, consumers will be certain and confident of the quality and standards of the food they purchase.

Brands will be able to prove to their consumers their “savoir faire”, the ethical production methods they employ and their impact on ethical sustainability. They will no longer have to worry about dwindling product sales because of the influx of substandard competitor’s practices.

Retailers will gain visibility and control over their supply chain and will be able to improve their blockchain food safety protocols.

Vottun creates a framework for secure product origin and history with full traceability features. With a simple QR scan, consumers can know without a doubt whether the product is genuine. Our platform bridges the gap between consumer quality requirements and producer market acceptance. We create value for all participants in the food value-chain. With permanent blockchain records, Vottun provides a framework for trusted food product certification.


If you are in the food industry or you have customers in the food industry, and would like to explore if blockchain is the right technology for your particular use-case, we recommend you to contact us so we can help you arrive at a meaningful business concept.